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Lviv is a tourist mecca, has an interesting history, an ancient architecture, has a special charm, rich in cultural events.

  • Cafes in Lviv

    Being in this city You definitely should visit local cafes and restaurants. After all, many of them are not just cafes, many of them are popular tourist attractions with a special atmosphere, unique charm and unsurpassed design on different subjects. We offer You our list of places to visit:


    1. Baczewski Restaurant  (shevska Street, 8)
    2. Cafe 1 (Katedralna Square, 5)
    3. Kryivka (Rynok Square, 14)
    4. Meat and Justice (Valova St, 20)
    5. Mons Pius (Lesi Ukrainky St, 14)
    6. Choven (Virmens'ka St, 33)
    7. Svit Kavy (Katedralna Square, 6)
  • Main attractions in Lviv

    Did You know that fifty-five percent of Ukraine's cultural monuments are in Lviv? Of course, not everyone can succeed to see everything because of the lack of time. However, there are places that every visitor of the city is obligated to see, because they are an integral part of the city. We offer a few of the following places to Your attention:

    • Italian courtyard

    • Armenian street

    • Dominican Church

    • Chapel of Boim

    • Lychakivsky cemetery

    • Lviv Opera House

    • Potocki Palace

    • Park High Castle

    • Square Rynok

  • Festivals in Lviv

    Lviv can be called the festival capital of Ukraine. Annually there are about one hundred festivals, which attract tourists from everywhere. Here are some of them:

    In January we celebrate "Christmas in Lviv". Celebration is accompanied by a Christmas fair in the central part of the city, where You can feel the spirit of Christmas at full.

    In April, guests of the city will be able to celebrate Easter and visit the "Easter Festival".

    And in May everyone is invited to celebrate "City Day of Lviv".

    In June our guests will enjoy good jazz music. After all, "Jazz Fest" is truly a grand festival of music. In addition, it's worth visiting the international retro-car festival, which takes place annually in our city.

    Usual excursion  is not so interesting? What about the night excursions? You will have such chance at the festival "Night in Lviv"  in July each year.

    August 24 we celebrate The Independence Day. This day we are especially proud to live in independent Ukraine. We promise unforgettable celebrations!

    In September there is an event that everyone is looking forward to. Because the Publishers Forum gladden us every year with new achievements from Ukrainian and foreign writers. And that's not all, because this month Lviv is saturated with a fragrant aroma of coffee. Coffee became a symbol of the city. We invite You to "Coffee festival".

    In October we enjoy the chocolate festival. This month Lviv is especially sweet and tasty.